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Tuesday, December 8, 2009


The Troubridge in her Adelaide Steamship colors. I am the tall skinny
kid with the beanie standing on the foredeck with the big swede Haakon Kvinge and Donny Gill...Johnny Bell is standing near by.
It is Christmas time, check the Christmas tree up on the fore mast!

The Troubridge in her R W Miller colors, heading up river

THE TROUBRIDGE: I was on this vessel on four separate occasions, a total of over 5 years. It was a roro ferry operating between Port Adelaide, Kangaroo Island and Port Lincoln. It began the service following on from the old Karatta in November 1961 and finished October 1989 handing over the run to the Island Seaway.

The Troubridge was bought by a Turkish shipping Company and renamed the City of Famagusta. She changed hands again three or four times after that and consequently renamed again. The Island Seaway didn't stay on the KI. run too many years after the Troubridge finished and virtually followed in her footsteps to the Mediterranean Greek Islands.
I will add more information as it comes to light.