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Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Credits for this photo go to (c) Chris Howell (Torrens on SN)
BP Endeavour as the Oriental Unity

As the British Cygnet at Cape Town

As the BP Endeavour at Port Adelaide

The "BP Endeavour" was one of the British "Birdy Boats", namely the "British Cygnet" built in the UK approx. 1962. She was renamed the "BP Endeavour" when she began trading out of Australian Ports till a suitable vessel was built for the Australian Trade.

When the new "BP Endeavour" was finally completed at the Newcastle ship yards her name was changed once again to the BP Explorer. Eventually her time was up in Aust. waters and she was delivered by an Australian crew to Singapore where she was returned to the home country auspices and took on her original name once again, the "British Cygnet".

The last I have heard of her was she was taken over by another shipping co and called the "Oriental Unity"and continued as such till she finally went to the breakers