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Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Photo Credits: Don Ross Collection
BUNKER THREE just after completing a swing from Caltex berth
and heading up river with tug Condor pushing with 1000 tons
of HFO aboard

Photo Credits: Don Ross Collection
The Royal Yacht receiving its bunkers at Port Adelaide
whilst the Queen is aboard, note her standard flying up high

Bunker Three Engineer the Late Bill Paterson at the helm

Bunker Three bunkering the tanker "ERA"

The old of the early boats that pushed the Bunker Three around

Photo Credits: Jan Hendrik
The Condor a small pusher tug that pushed Bunker Three
around for 8 years

Top photo Bunker Three fueling Ovens class
submarine and bottom...about to go alongside QE2

Bunkering a Russian ship at no. 4 berth Port Adelaide

Photo Credits: Adelaide Archivist Flickr
Bunkering the Reefer City Port Adelaide